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Benefits of automatic car parking systems

Automatic car parking car systems that NMC provide with Korea technology is high-tech devices, harmony combinations of  general theories between elevator systems and  auto loading & unloading systems. We supply smart solutions of auto parking to save land by using the most accordant technology . Our customers in Viet Nam will satisfy not only affordable price but also long- term experience and our optimized technique service ability. Moreover, we can design and supply most kind of modern auto car parking systerms as requirements of customers.

your building is wanting place for car parking?

Your project have not  approved due to lack of parking?

You want to buy car but you do not have parking?

NMC has solutions to optimize space which is used for auto car parking, include design, manufacture, installation, operation and maintenance.


Advising and forcasting overall auto car parking demand

- Providing total consulting such as demand forecasts, recommendation of a desirable parking system, design and safety measurements

- Customized application suitable for various types of landscapes and buildings

- Resulted in a 60% more efficient use of space and 25-30% less expensive than as compared to traditional ramp style parking

- Reduce the land area used for parking by 40%, reduction of construction materials to 50%, Structures available below or/and above the ground, Reducing management cost through precise control, low power consumption and low Cost Sanitation