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6- Sky parking System

This is multi-strorey auto parking system with tower shape. It can be an independent tower or inside building and with area of 7.3m x 6.4 m = 46.7 m2, corresponding with the height is 75m and 35 floors (or lined 3.6 mx 17 m = 61.2 m2), we are able to park 70 cars. The standard speed is 90 m/ph and can be reached up to 140 m/ph, operation is smooth and safe,control simply with touch screen. The traditional sky parking system has 2 symmetric column. However, we can have 3-5-5-6 columns to increase the number cars parked depend on the land and the average time also raise.

Optimal number is 70 cars

The feature of sky parking system:

Sky parking system with  a lift each side is a special system which is able to get the car fast even if many cars (maximum time to get the car with 60 car system is 1.5 minutes, the average is 1 minute / 1 car)

Sky parking system saves narrow area, behind or side of buildings

The cost is higher than others , quiet operation and low noise.

Installation can be quickly dismantled and moved if necessary.